Helping You Deliver on Your Cybersecurity Promises

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Cybersecurity Consulting for the Financial Services Industry





  • Security Program Management

    Security Program Strategy Services to design, build and run the optimal security program for your organization.

  • Incident


    Enterprise Incident Management services that can help you quickly move from crisis to continuity.

  • Threat


    Threat & Vulnerability Management services that provide hands-on expertise to identify threats, remediate vulnerabilities and solve specific security challenges,

  • SOC


    Security operations training services that add on expertise and hands-on assistance to your security team.

  • User Awareness Training

    Education and Awareness Services to train personnel in behaviors that can improve security and reduce risk.

Helping You Deliver On The Promise of Security
About Us

At Orcus, we believe that security begins with keeping the promises that you've made to yourself. We help our clients understand and control their environments in order to more easily identify threats to their organization. We also believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and can ensure that your users are trained and prepared for the challenges they face on a daily basis.



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